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Picture from @Righttoprotest

Picture from @Righttoprotest

Today has been inspiring. Students and workers have been fighting back against the privatization of their university in Sussex despite the usual heavy-handed tactics of the police and the self-righteous bleating of liberals over some broken glass and scraps of burnt paper.

The events show that it really is possible for people to mobilize and resist effectively. That it’s possible to take the fight to the bosses in universities and workplaces everywhere, and for people to come together to resist a common enemy. That it’s possible for actions like this to be organized and effectively carried out without bureaucratic interference from traditional “representative” bodies like the NUS and trade unions. That it’s possible to shake the ruling class to their core with direct action.

The key from here is to work out how actions like this can be spread across the whole country, how they should be organized and how they should be co-ordinated. History has shown that victory can’t come via bodies like the NUS or through political parties and that change must be owned and carried through by the rank-and-file grass-roots organizations that spring up in response to threats from capitalism and the state, and directly involving those who are genuinely affected by the attacks from the ruling class.

The energy and determination of the Sussex occupiers needs to be an inspiration to the rest ofus. We can’t allow their example to go to waste. Solidarity and ALL POWER TO THE OCCUPIERS.