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combatbedroomtaxdirectactionLocal tenants’ groups have come under fire on social media after making their point to the Labour Party at today’s Liverpool Against the Bedroom Tax rally. I’ve made my point about this rally a couple of times now so I don’t need to go into the specifics of it here. The contempt shown by the speakers today towards the grass-roots campaign was unsurprising, despite them describing the rally as non-political. The presence of so many Labour councillors and MPs on the platform makes that look largely like bullshit.

It’s the nature of the criticism that is the key here. Their protestations of non-partisanship look completely ridiculous because of it. Accusations of people from the local campaigns “representing” certain unnamed groups, having agendas etc show that these people are incapable of conceiving of any group being formed by and led by those directly affected. They’re unable to grasp the fact that tenants can act independently of some political leadership, be it the Labour Party, the SWP or whoever and instead seem to think the working class are a mass of voiceless, thoughtless people to be led by the nose by a vanguard, answerable to the leadership of that vanguard.

Such a patronising attitude towards the working class is rife among the authoritarian left. But we can think for ourselves. We know when politicians and union brass are pissing down our backs and telling us it’s raining. They’ve been doing it for centuries. Yet when the working class refuses to play ball with these bastards we’re condemned as violent and divisive. Well Labour can get its own fucking ball. We’ll control our own struggles, thanks.